The Incomplete funeral! A true story !

From the creators of the walking dead, our addictions, our belief, can they be explained?
Just heard these words on National Geographic spoken in an intense voice, maybe form the man going through cannibalism.
Cannibalism, the practice of eating fellow humans, with some added taste and flavors I guess because we can’t even smell a human nearby how can one think of eating it. As legends say Humans are toxic animals found on this earth… Might be more toxic than aliens. who knows!

Of course not everyone, but there are people who are soul mates of materialistic wealth thinking to take all those liable assets cheating the god of death towards the grave.

My mother recently told me about a strange old woman who was quite different than others, by listening to the story, I am still in the great dilemma of deciding whether the old lady was right or wrong.
The following incident happened in a small village where people’s only means of livelihood was farming and offering most of the farming to god, thinking that “God’s gonna offer us twice the things we offered him.”.In such an area lived an old lady who had a daughter and her husband found buried under the land placed below the flat stone with his name written on it.
Her daughter got married to a little well to do family away from home leaving the old lady alone counting her days.

Being alone at home which was near the river some meters away, she roamed the village from house to house.
While roaming from one house to house it was her habit to beg and everyone’s duty to offer her something showing sympathy for the poor old lady. People offered her food to eat, the place to rest for some time. Most of the time the old lady denied food and asked for some money so that she can buy some clothes and when people refused to give the money she asked their old clothes. Her daughter came and went like spring but she came to be of very little help to the old body.

As today’s corporations and advertising agencies consider their target audience before marketing. The old lady was in profit because she had targeted only those women who stayed in the home. But the interesting thing is while she collected money and clothes to wear, she was always found with the same clothes and always found unhealthy eating very little food. Where did the money and the clothes go? Some thought, she may have offered everything to god. Some concluded that all the clothes might have washed away by the river. Thinking of many such possibilities villagers kept down and went on helping the old lady. The matter about the money gradually diluted as she was found sick and finally, the day came when the god of death found her passing time lying down and took her with him.

The story begins now at the time of her funeral, her daughter and the elders from the village decide to bury her in front of her hut where she spent her last days. As they say “The most loved moment for a human is at the time of death.” Everyone’s face glittered with tears and according to the village customs, all the old women close to the old lady cried out her brief biography showing how much they knew her when she was alive.
Everyone was standing around the grave and among them there was a Mentally Retarded dumb fellow who entered her house without getting noticed by anyone. He found some food and started to eat it as he was hungrier and the food went in short and the mad man started to eat the soil which was so loosened and when he went on digging the soil he hands grabbed a pouch filled with money.

“A highly educated man is more dangerous than an uneducated” first of all he was mentally retarded, without waiting even a minute he went out with the pouch full of currency notes and shouted with his dumb mouth and grabbed everyone’s attention towards him. Everyone was surprised to see money in the hand of that mad man. They were curious to know where he found so much money, he showed them the spot where he found the money. The villagers found many such places inside the hut with loosening soil.
Everyone’s adrenaline gland came to its peak when they found there were many such spots with loosening soil inside the hut, everywhere they dig they found pouches of money. Many entered and started digging until one man among them found money between the logs placed on the ceiling indicating the death of the house along with the old lady. The funeral was incomplete leading everyman to kill the hut of the old lady for pouches of money. The situation went out of control, the place of being sad had completed took U-turn highlighting smiles over all those faces who found the money. Some went on fight claiming it is their right on the money but no one found waiting to showcase how much they have a got. The whole hut was devastated and the funeral was not completed.

As I said, “The man is loved the most at the time of his death”, but in this case “The man is neglected the most at the smell of the notes”… For money is the supreme power on this earth…
Some say the power of money is enormous. Money does have its power. But the real power is the Power of People controlling the money. People’s power is enormous.
The funeral was completed with her daughter taking the lead with those people around who were late at the spot to find there was no money left.

I don’t know how to conclude, but I always do remember the old lady, the mad man, and the villagers. One went on to accumulate wealth and the other went on to disclose all the accumulated wealth and then comes the villagers who forgot the funeral and went on for the money.

don’t let

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