3 things to remember before listening to News Media: Factfullness by Hans Rosling.

Breaking News : Plane number A320 flying from Sydney to New York has landed safely and the passengers were completely safe during the journey.

Have you ever went through the news like this?

The only news that one gets to hear about flights is their cruel crashes in the unknown land and hijacks by terrorists. Here’s the interesting thing, around 2016 40 million planes took off from the land and among these 40 million just 10 of them ended in plane crashes. Just by giving attention to those 10 plane crashes out of 40 million one will tend to feel unsafe by the flight journey.

By the way, it’s not your problem to feel unsafe after listening to the bad news, it’s not always the problem with where your attention goes. But it’s not the problem with where your attention goes, its the problem with the news media which always shocks us with these kinds of news. with the news media which always shocks us with these kinds of news.

Any human who has ever lived can be influenced with these three emotional states:

  • Love
  • Hate
  • Fear

The News industry stands on these firm bases. They know how to create love, hate and fear with their news so that the viewers won’t get bored.

  • Here are 3 things to know before listening to the news media.
  1. Our tendency to notice the bad is more than the good

When you place a glass of milk and a chilled coco-cola in front of a kid, more than 95% of the kids pick coco-cola. Even though the kid knew that milk is good for health.

That’s the problem, we tend to turn or triggered to the negative news more than peaceful and harmonious ones. This is the sole reason that made you surprised while you heard the breaking news at the beginning.

“Things are getting worse” is the statement about the world that we hear more than any other day, and it is absolutely true that there are many bad things in this world, but when looking at the facts just like the number of flights which caught up with accidents, the things turn completely opposite to your influenced assumptions.

Before letting the news pass through your ear and reach the brain remember that countless good things are happening behind that single black point on the white paper.

2. The journalists are competitors

Fear is what made our ancestors survive in the early years, today this fear is what feeding these journalists with food and good clothes to wear. The attention span of a normal human being has decreased sharply by 12 seconds. This is enough to conclude to what extent must a journalist get in order to gain your attention over his competitors.

Your attention is so precious that even several social media sites are converting us from humans to attention addicts, everyone wants to be heard, but none of us are ready to listen. A normal man like you who has nothing to gain from social media is trying so hard to gain followers on Instagram and Twitter, then think about all the journalists whose livelihood is to report you with the news. They are always ready to shock you even with a piece of small news that has nothing to do with you and your life.

3. The gap instinct

The news you go through every day is either a piece of completely good news or extremely heartbreaking bad news.

Let’s do a small test: Close your eyes for a minute and imagine an African kid. do it now before scrolling down.

Now, most of you went through a small black skinny kid, with his ribs exposed. or you might have imagined the famous photograph where a kid being chased by a vulture. I am quite sure because even I imagine these things when I hear an African kid.

We think the same because we are being exposed to the same things all the time, but when we look at facts the today global poverty is reduced to half from the last 2 to 3 decades. Most of the poor people have upgraded from extreme poverty to the so-called middle class. About 75% of the people in the world are living in the middle class. Now, this is the gap instinct, we are made to neglect these huge mass of people by the news and exposed to those who are literally less in number.

conclusion:  According to a Nielsen report, United States adults are watching five hours and four minutes of television per day on average (35.5 h/week, slightly more than 77 days per year).

If you are one of these adults from anywhere in the world, it means you are selling away your precious attention to these news reporters. Remember you are always triggered with love, hate, and fear with every news you go through. The more you seek good for your mental health the more good you receive. Just think about Goodness that is happening out of your site.

Engineering student found running out of interview.

If you are a student from India I want you to read this blog until the end and I want you to give special attention especially if you are a Legendary Engineering student.

India is a country from where many number of Geniuses are introduced to the world as someone well said that “Greatness can be expected only from the Great”.India is a great country. But, the time runs and as it flows it brings change at every fraction of second. The world is changing ,and you are in the same changing world and the one who has the ability to adjust to the changing environment has the better chance to lead the happy life because “Survival of the fittest still exists” and will be true until the earth is smashed into pieces .

This is a story of Akash(name changed) from a well recognized Engineering college at Indian silicon valley Bangalore, the startup hub of India. Akash was a decent looking, active and regular boy to college with good academic record right from his high school compared to most of his friends staying at hostel. He was from Computer Science department and was well recognized by all the teaching staff for his attentiveness and academics.

Now begins the problem, when it comes to reality actually the problem began with him right from his highschool, the problem was with his mindset . Just like every one of his friends at hostel who spent almost all of their precious free time watching useless web series and playing PUBG(the mobile and pc shooting game), he never wondered what is happening outside his campus(world), he was totally imprisoned inside the walls of internals,labs and assignments which he thought they are the only source of learning .

Final year came and it was the high time for the campus placements and as his grades were remarkable he thought of applying for a company with 10 lakhs per annum . He was whole heatedly allowed into aptitude and it went on well and when it came for interview he was in great confident and planned to surprise his parents with his great achievement by getting placed in his desired company.

The day of interview came and he went on in excitement wearing his neatly pressed suit and clean black shiny shoes. After his visit into the interviewer’s room the next scene which came on after 5 minutes was absolutely terrible. He came out crying and strongly grudging the interviewers as he was rejected by the company even though he had great score on his marks card because of his inexperience of working in a real project, and he was a weak team player and totally his complete ignorance towards the soft skills.

His whole dream was lost, he went on to worry about what his parents would think as they spent lots of their hard earned money. He felt ashamed to speak to his parents. From then on depression was a regular guest to his mind and hatred became his heart’s friend.

This is not just the story of Akash, its the story of millions of students who enters every year into Engineering colleges. The problems is that every students are not able to find their UNIQUE SELLING POINT which makes them really unique to be picked up by the company they choose.

If you are on the same phase with Akash its time for you to wake up, get up from your bed and work on things that makes you stronger not on those in which you are weak. Remember your greatest enemy is your best friend who shows you comfort instead of showing hardships which makes you grow.

I don’t know how many of my readers are moved by this article.But I am damn sure that most of the readers wont be having patience reading until this part of the blog. This blog is for those 1% of the students who strives for the change and growth.Instead of regretting after finishing your college, act now. I repeat act now.

Before moving on!!

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The Incomplete funeral! A true story !

From the creators of the walking dead, our addictions, our belief, can they be explained?
Just heard these words on National Geographic spoken in an intense voice, maybe form the man going through cannibalism.
Cannibalism, the practice of eating fellow humans, with some added taste and flavors I guess because we can’t even smell a human nearby how can one think of eating it. As legends say Humans are toxic animals found on this earth… Might be more toxic than aliens. who knows!

Of course not everyone, but there are people who are soul mates of materialistic wealth thinking to take all those liable assets cheating the god of death towards the grave.

My mother recently told me about a strange old woman who was quite different than others, by listening to the story, I am still in the great dilemma of deciding whether the old lady was right or wrong.
The following incident happened in a small village where people’s only means of livelihood was farming and offering most of the farming to god, thinking that “God’s gonna offer us twice the things we offered him.”.In such an area lived an old lady who had a daughter and her husband found buried under the land placed below the flat stone with his name written on it.
Her daughter got married to a little well to do family away from home leaving the old lady alone counting her days.

Being alone at home which was near the river some meters away, she roamed the village from house to house.
While roaming from one house to house it was her habit to beg and everyone’s duty to offer her something showing sympathy for the poor old lady. People offered her food to eat, the place to rest for some time. Most of the time the old lady denied food and asked for some money so that she can buy some clothes and when people refused to give the money she asked their old clothes. Her daughter came and went like spring but she came to be of very little help to the old body.

As today’s corporations and advertising agencies consider their target audience before marketing. The old lady was in profit because she had targeted only those women who stayed in the home. But the interesting thing is while she collected money and clothes to wear, she was always found with the same clothes and always found unhealthy eating very little food. Where did the money and the clothes go? Some thought, she may have offered everything to god. Some concluded that all the clothes might have washed away by the river. Thinking of many such possibilities villagers kept down and went on helping the old lady. The matter about the money gradually diluted as she was found sick and finally, the day came when the god of death found her passing time lying down and took her with him.

The story begins now at the time of her funeral, her daughter and the elders from the village decide to bury her in front of her hut where she spent her last days. As they say “The most loved moment for a human is at the time of death.” Everyone’s face glittered with tears and according to the village customs, all the old women close to the old lady cried out her brief biography showing how much they knew her when she was alive.
Everyone was standing around the grave and among them there was a Mentally Retarded dumb fellow who entered her house without getting noticed by anyone. He found some food and started to eat it as he was hungrier and the food went in short and the mad man started to eat the soil which was so loosened and when he went on digging the soil he hands grabbed a pouch filled with money.

“A highly educated man is more dangerous than an uneducated” first of all he was mentally retarded, without waiting even a minute he went out with the pouch full of currency notes and shouted with his dumb mouth and grabbed everyone’s attention towards him. Everyone was surprised to see money in the hand of that mad man. They were curious to know where he found so much money, he showed them the spot where he found the money. The villagers found many such places inside the hut with loosening soil.
Everyone’s adrenaline gland came to its peak when they found there were many such spots with loosening soil inside the hut, everywhere they dig they found pouches of money. Many entered and started digging until one man among them found money between the logs placed on the ceiling indicating the death of the house along with the old lady. The funeral was incomplete leading everyman to kill the hut of the old lady for pouches of money. The situation went out of control, the place of being sad had completed took U-turn highlighting smiles over all those faces who found the money. Some went on fight claiming it is their right on the money but no one found waiting to showcase how much they have a got. The whole hut was devastated and the funeral was not completed.

As I said, “The man is loved the most at the time of his death”, but in this case “The man is neglected the most at the smell of the notes”… For money is the supreme power on this earth…
Some say the power of money is enormous. Money does have its power. But the real power is the Power of People controlling the money. People’s power is enormous.
The funeral was completed with her daughter taking the lead with those people around who were late at the spot to find there was no money left.

I don’t know how to conclude, but I always do remember the old lady, the mad man, and the villagers. One went on to accumulate wealth and the other went on to disclose all the accumulated wealth and then comes the villagers who forgot the funeral and went on for the money.

don’t let

Comeback home ! Story beyond the shot.

Home, the place where our emotions are found at a different rhythm. The Rhythm can be absorbed only by the DNA’s we inherited.

There was a city of rats under the ancient old tower. There was a king rule where the king Mr. Rat had a beautiful daughter. The king decided to get her daughter married to one of the most powerful men in the universe.

His first target was Mr. Sun, the brightest and strongest man in the universe. When he went towards the sun requesting to marry his daughter, Mr. Sun turned him down saying that he would lose all of his power if Mr. Cloud appears making him invisible. Mr. Rat was convinced and ran towards Mr. Cloud and asked if he would care to marry his daughter, the cloud cried and said I will be thrown away from a place to place if Mr. Air flies towards me. Disappointed Rat came rushing towards the air and begged him to marry him as he was his last hope. The air took Mr. Rat to an ancient old tower and said that he has been trying to bring him down, however, I hit he stands still. There was no way left for Mr. Rat other than asking Mr. Tower to marry his daughter. The tower said in pain, “Mr. Rat, I am about to fall down and the most powerful man I know is a Rat residing under me and biting me day by day, only he can destruct me into pieces.”


They are the workers at the plantations far away from the home. Summers drags them away from home and rains bring them back. The kid in the family belongs to one such family whose only chance of survival is Work hard at some landowners field for daily living. They get paid, but it’s too little to forget the comfort that a middle class enjoys. They get food, but it’s too less leading to convincing the tongue from its desire. They wear clothes, but it’s too little to fight against the cold that nature offers.

Its time they came back home after a long gap for months. The neighbours watch with a smile and greet with the intensity of the friendliness. As the quote says “Life’s greatest happiness is to be convinced that we are loved”.
The kid finds his friends building home out of the soil. His happiness is expanding at a rate with the speed of light. He is unaware that his parents went inside the home as he is lost in the world where they dream every bit to build a palace out of the soil. The soil is their soulmate which acts as a happiness inducer between all the odds. His father meets his friends which starts with a greeting and ends at infinity. He brings out all the speciality of the place he worked, the weather, the food, the markets, the temples, the people, etc, and he, in turn, can’t resist knowing about all the events from who got married from their gang to who died in their village. It’s the place of harmony, peace, and emotions.

Just like Mr. Rat who didn’t realize that the best member in the universe is the member of the same kind, the story of Comeback is for everyone who think they are lost. Their only place for happiness is HOME.
This story of Comeback home is not just for people who work outside. There are lakhs of refugees out there wandering in the land unknown exploring the things unknown between the unknown people.

This is for them…….

The Cycle of Happiness ! Story beyond the shot

We use words to Express ,but not everytime because there are some abstract feelings which are so close to heart that words fail to Express in the way that needs to be expressed. Every person on this earth has got a story to tell, but a person can have only one story about his worthy life which makes him unique .Here is a Picture to which my mobile camera shed its reflection .Its time for this picture to tell a Glorious story.


Charity. The only possible thing which can be emerged through the Kind Heart, the synonym of hope for those people who are unable to survive independently on this earth. Today there are lakhs of charities around the world and all of these charities have got one thing in comman that is the person or the community who fuels these charities make sure they save for themselves before giving away their hard earned assets.

Without intension a man won’t serve, if he does he is backed by those undeserved to live in the society-


I have not yet entered into the topic and I think I am dragging out my Charitable words out of my mind serving your eyes to introduce you to the Hero inside the Photo. His appearance brings hope and happiness . He represents peace and purity and he is the reflection of Selflessness ever found on earth

He is the CLOUD.

The clouds are on the way to give away all those savings done for months to the farmers , because they are clouds favourites.Whenever clouds become old with its intense grey colour , It means the time has come for them to bless the earthlings with the garland named Rain. All the homes under the sky emerged through the soil with the top shining with Orange red colour have set to take a wonderful shower and get the blessings for everlasting strength to protect the masters inside..

Among those masters there are some little masters hidden inside and are daringly curious to see the rain pour down the streets . The running time is about to witness these kids playing with extreme happiness under the natural shower.Not just the home and humans, even coconut tress waves with their leaves towards the sky with happiness welcoming the rain, I feel like they are the happiest members on earth. They keep on waving until the celebration ends and they entertain all those creatures who likes to join the moment of joy.

Clouds blesses the earth with Rain… Rain brings joy…. Joyness leads to wonderful health… As long as we are healthy we Prey……. These prayers are heard by clouds…

And hence the cycle repeats……

That’s my way to explain the picture at my best.. Its runs to infinity taking out the leads through the picture but I believe the Leads are those who gives value and respect to the art…

Thank You So Much…..

Egg or Chicken ? Answers the Chicken itself..

I was really hungry , my empty Thanos headed stomach was using its Hunger infinity stone on me . I was with my friend who was actively participating in my time pass campaign.
I asked him to join me for a Eggrice feast with some compulsory onions over it. His rejection was really surprising , He said “My mom wont spare me for this”.
I knew the real problem was not that he belonged to vegetarian family, but something was fishy with his mother. I asked what’s wrong with your mother in eating protein in the form of white hard jelly and yellow powdered ball. His answer literally forced the Thanos inside me to use his laughter infinity stone.
His mother was not at all worried about the egg he ate , instead she worried about the chicken which lays the egg.”She was wondering how bad and filthy the egg would be if the chicken ate something ugly(It includes human shit in India.)”..

As per this incident there are billions of people filling the gap in this already overfilled Earth thinking stuff like this , wondering and limiting themselves from the experience that a believer enjoys every moment.

What you ask you find, , when you find ,you experience and the moment you experience you will be on the move to go further,
But when it comes to the chicken or egg matter ,we ask but we wont find and confuse ourselves by going further.

Before getting clear about it first clear me “Why do you want to know stuff like this”, What does is it mean to you,
1.You wanna know to satisfy your hungrier curiosity,
2. Is your life completely dependent on that answer .
3 . Is it to showoff yourself extraordinary in front and against those billions of people thinking their own way just like my friends mom.
Without getting through this question its completely waste of time to get to know the answer its like presence of Thanos in the universe without infinity stones.
If you still don’t know the answer or the purpose of getting to know about the answer, no need to move further, by the way thanks for reading and I am extremely sorry to waste your precious time that you would be spending on some productive things like watching youtube video on “How to convert a TV remote into Iphone”
and for you guys I have this very special answer.

Once upon a time , there was a city of chickens , just like that of humans there were hospitals , schools , post office , police stations and everything we humans consider as public places.
In that chicken city there was a private school called as Roaster Public School. In that school a teacher was teaching her students “The history and the evolution of Chickenity“(just like Humanity for humans). At the end of the class , the teacher assigned her students homework to find What comes first : Chicken or Egg. Every chick went home confused and in determination to find the answer and to act like a Terminator , terminating the unsolved mystery.
The next day when teacher was set to check the answers one overexcited chick was ready to scream out the answer, looking at this chick with its unbearable excitement the teacher ordered it to answer at the last. The chick got sad and sat listening to all the blank answers from its classmates.
Then finally came its turn , the chick clearing its throat screamed “Its chicken first”. The teacher chicken slapping the chick with its golden feather said “Where did you get this answer you fool?” The chick replied , I asked my parents , they said to ask my brother who works at Chicken fry hospital ,when I asked him he said to ask me this question to my sister who is a judge at Boiled Egg court, and even she denied . So when I came home I heard my little sister saying there is a book where you
can find all the meanings. So I found its Chicken which comes first in the Dictionary.

It’s enough to make your head spin right off your neck. We’ve all been through the logic; most of us end up at the same place.
Basically, many, many moons ago there was a chicken-like bird. It was genetically close to a chicken but wasn’t a full-blown chicken yet. The video calls it
a proto-chicken. So proto-hen laid an egg, and proto-rooster fertilized it. But when the genes from ma and pa almost-chicken fused, they combined in a new way,
creating a mutation that accidentally made the baby different from its parents. Although it would take millennia for the difference to be noticed, that egg was
different enough to become the official progenitor of a new species, now known as… the chicken! So in a nutshell (or an eggshell, if you like), two birds that
weren’t really chickens created a chicken egg, and hence, we have an answer: The egg came first, and then it hatched a chicken.

As the thought says “Every next level requires a new version of you “, The chickens came into existence because its their next level , otherwise the proto-chicken would have been vanished away joining hands with every ones hot favourite pet Dinosaur ….

Becoming : Not the Michelle Obama thing.

It was a happy day for Mr Edwin Land’s family, as it was their family function . Mr Land had a 3-year old daughter. She was cute , studious
and insanely curious . It was a happy moment for everyone , it was the moment worth capturing and to be remembered forever. Mr Land was taking photos of his cute daughter ,and remember it was the time when camera’s were really rare unlike today camera opens it’s eye before ambulance screams during a road accident.

During that happy time , the family member’s had no idea that that moment was about to create a revolution in technology.
When Mr Land took his daughter’s photo , she asked her father to show the pic , he refused saying it would take too
long to bring out the print as there were no digital camera. She cried and cried and cried in such a way that the family
function was about to turn into Mr Land’s funeral. That day became the Becoming of Mr Land as he committed to bring out a camera for his daughter that will print photos at the spot of shot. Thus the world was introduced with Polaroid camera in 1947

I am damn sure that most of the reader’s wont get to know about the title
unless they are a book freak.
Title’s are like ghosts haunting your mind before entering the house called content and conclusion called death.
Becoming is a book written by Michelle Obama , Barak Obama’s wife. What’s in the book doesn’t relate to my words
because the Becoming in her book says about those crucial things a woman experiences in her life, but the becoming which you’ll read further in such a hurry that you wont understand anything is about present scenario you would love to read and I am sure about it .

Months ago a famous Indian actress was stuck and came out as becoming, everywhere it was her , edited under different posture , frame colour compared with infinite number of imaginable tangible and intangible things in and out of the universe . Its really confusing to speaking further.
let me get straight to it. ITs none other than ——————————-Becoming of a meme material—————————–…..
These memes will be so illogical like the french fries were actually cooked in Greece first. And sometimes so logical that its meaning can make us aware of the formula that Einstein have failed remembering

What do you think , the reason for all the meme’s being created today by some crazy , unemployed ,and creative youth is not
just the awkward expression or sarcastic gesture a celebrity makes instead there are 3 immutable triggering laws in the nature.
they are 1. Stupidity 2. selfishness 3. Horniness
These are the three things that never change , no matter what else does . People don’t change their basic nature , they just
accumulate more stuff upon which they can apply their stupidity , selfishness and horniness.

Everything in the social media is a unexpected thing , sometime it can make a irresponsible man holding a board requesting the local government to clean the roads filled with waste from his own home into a famous celebrity and it can even take the shit out of a social worker who went on to stop firecrackers from polluting and end up being called as someone sent by demons to stop humans from celebrating god’s existence.

Adam’s rule of unexpected says . something unexpected always happens to wreck any good trend.
Here’s an example They said Internet is the thing which is made to benefit the humanity ,but today more than 50% of the thing in internet is pornography.This unexpected thing turned the whole notion of better earth to stay safe on earth.

Even you can be a meme material today , the trick to be is just rely your mind on doing unexpected things ,then there are many
eyes watching these dangerous moves and as soon as they get the hints the next thing is BOOM! over the internet.
It was JCB few days ago in India , which went under the hashtag #JCBkikhudai .It went so famous that made JCBIndia company
came out to extend their support for the act and JCB was named as national crush of india.. It was an overnight success for it
The unexpected thing that happened for JCB riding overnight is a speech by a MP in INDIA , he says .
The unemployment in India is up to to such a extent that people will be present around when a JCB is found digging the land..

I don’t know who the hell gave birth to these memes . Oh! Sorry , here it is

The word meme was coined by Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene as an attempt to explain the way cultural information spreads; the concept of the Internet meme was first proposed by Mike Godwin in the June 1993 issue of Wired .

That’s enough I guess , and I really confused weather to salute these legends or to complain them , but one thing for sure , If meme’s are made to to bring out the better out of society , no movie produced by crores of money can be effective.

Here’s an interesting thing , these meme maker’s including and so called troller’s are being hired by large corporations for their marketing. So now its turned out to be a best way to attract costumers. Meme maker’s now have found out hope in their life.

The Ginga Style : From the woods to the world cup

It was a bright sunny day, following his daily routine , he was cleaning toilets and sweeping floor in a public hospital , his face was throwing out his responsibilities , he was a family man ,friendly face and strong muscles and he was the man who held the record for scoring 5 goals in FIFA World Cup for Brazil.   Unfortunately The Karma didn’t just chase him away from success , but his whole community was Brazil’s target.

There comes his son Edson Arantes ,sad and filled with hunger and unable to watch his father work so cheaply. Noticing his son , his father took him to the orchard , plucked a fresh mango and threw towards him , to which he was ignorant , it took no longer for his father to realize that his hunger was not towards the food but towards the better tomorrow . 

But,something has happened in his life, to which he was really sad,filled with regret and anxiety..

Few days ago , he went with his mother where she worked as a servant in a elite’s home . There he saw some kids returning from the football ground making noise lifting up their material status, “I will be the world famous Goal Keeper ” screamed a boy with his glaring eyes. and one beside declared”I will be the stylish striker in the world.”. “I will be PELE ” came out a voice from behind the door . The kids started laughing as they noticed that he has misspelled BELEK as PELE and from then on, The world barely remembered his real name , to which he was not OK , while returning home he found a poster which went like this “Football tournament”,. Soon after this he and his friends made their way towards the tournament and found that these rich kids who teased him as PELE were their opponents in the Grand Finals. Rich kids were stiff with their branded shoes where these guys were found tying their shoes which were couple of inches larger their feet .They played and played but no goal was scored and suddenly a goal from rich kids devastated them , Pele threw his shoe away as it was irritating him and everyone of the team followed , taking advantage the situation the rich called them The Shoeless. The crowd went out from audience to roasters. Suddenly , silence broke out and everyone’s face filled with surprise as the ball from PELE’s leg went like a bullet into the net and GOALLLL!, on that moment hope sprouted out , confidence erupted and then the only visible thing to the audience was GOAL , GOAL and GOAL.. by PELE, Soon after the game people dispersed, PELE and his team were the champions beating the ruthless rich kids. The clouds gathered around indicating heavy rain show, these boys found some people were running towards them with anger , they were the local farmers who grew groundnut and these boys stole their produces only to buy those big shoes to play… It was chase like tom and Jerry , it was fun for the kids to being chased away but it ended in the presence of god of death who was on a tour at that place, a kid got stuck in the landslide and got killed, as it was region of mountains and valleys and rivers.

.PELE’s heart mind and soul was attached to football like the attachment between Mother and Son. His mother believed in education she didn’t wanted her son to be like his father cleaning toilets,saluting others and putting his head down.. As we say, parents are the only lives who are selfless towards their children . One day she saw him happy enjoying his moments with the game and she herself made him join a club far from home according to his wish. But deep down she hated the game , which has brought bad fate to their family.Finally day arrived for PELE to leave his home and live a footballer life.

Scolding were common and ruthless words came to be heard everytime he played in his own style , and turned down many times before he kicks the ball saying , change your style or stay away from football..Feeling low evertime when he went to express his style he decided to run away and reached railway station waiting for the train, instead of train he found , the manager of his football club was found arriving towards him. 

“I cant play like them , what’s wrong with my style” cried PELE,                             

Why is the coach ignoring my style, and trying to change me. 

The manager broke out

“It started in 16th century . Portuguese aquired Brazil , to capture African slaves , but African’s were strong and clever . Many escaped to jungle to protect themselves”They started practicing their self defence style called as the GINGA STYLE , the martial art of war. When slavery was abolished they came out of jungles only to find their enemies all around to continue their heritage and their culture that is THE GINGA STYLE ,they saw football as the perfect way to practice GINGA. It was the ultimate form of Ginga. Ginga adopted , evolved and went deep inside the hearts of Brazilian’s . When they took this game on field and lost 1950 world cup final . Ginga was blamed for the loss and from then people supporting the GINGA style are meant to be hated ” sighed the manager

Instead of catching train to home and forgetting football forever , Pele ran back to field and rarely looked back and from then on Each and Every kick from PELE’s leg is History . They won 1958 world cup with their own GINGA STYLE with its magic on the field .The only reason for their dynamic victory was their belief in themselves and their belief in THE GINGA style. 

PELE’s father once said “Doubt can turn a beautiful Ginga move into a Dangerous one” . His father was a footballer who got injured onfield and forgot his football journey from then on and forever.

Its the Ginga style which made PELE and team Brazil unique, So ,its time to hunt the uniqueness hidden in you, never copy others, You can try hard and be successful like PELE ,REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT PELE…

==> At 17, PELE remain the youngest player to score and win a World cup.

==>In 1961, Brazil’s president declared PELE as an official National Treasure.

==>Pele and his time went to win in 1962 and 1970 worldcups.

==>Pele is the only player in the history to win 3 worldcups and holds record for most goals with 1288 goals.

==>One record PELE never beat was heading 5 goals by his father”Dondinho do Nastimento”

==>PELE was named as Athletic of Century by International Olympics commission. Since 1958, World cup , Brazil’s Ginga style has became the most celebrated playing style.

So Finally, there are billions of organisms are found on earth as one of the the great poets says,”IF YOU ARE NOT PROUD OF YOURSELVES , DON’T WORRY YOU TOOK BIRTH AS A HUMAN ,WHO HAS A FAMILY AND OWN CULTURE. “

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A Man with Millennial thoughts!

What do you think is the day after tomorrow’s day before yesterday? Of course its today. Uttered Prof Eagleton at one of his lecture in America’s most prestigious Oxford University. At the end of the lecture he came up with few words which made all the students to run towards the pages of history and Iphone Siri and Google Assistant were in good demand .. Professor said “Finally , that saint with big beard was right about our future..!”

One of the most exciting and energetic forms of thought is the question . It illuminates new landscapes and new areas as it moves . Therefore the question always assumes that there are many different dimensions .


It was the year 1896, the year in which the new era of economics took its birth. It was the year a Italian economist came out a revolutionary theory which defined the ins and outs of the world. It was known as The Pareto Principle.The economist was Vilfredo Pareto.. The Pareto Principle says that “80 percent of the effect comes from the 20 percent of the cause”. As it was said “There are solutions because of problems”, In Italy Vilfredo Pareto saw that 80% of the wealth in the country was found with 20% of the nobles..Thid gave birth to the Pareto principle also called as 80/20 principle..

Well, the students at Oxford who went on search of history books were not actually looking out for Vilfredo Pareto , those students knew Pareto earlier. About whom were they looking for? Why were they so curious about him?

By 2010 ,50% of global wealth was found among 300 corporate men , by 2016 this wealth was acquired by 62 corporate men and now it is among 8 billionaires . The number of men which can fill a car have filled their bank account with 50% of total wealth of the world.. They are called as Capitalists and their rule is called as Capitalism. In this world owned by Capitalist . He was the man who warned about these Capitalists , he was the man who fought for Communists , the man whose predictions which were done on 20th century are coming out like sprouts in 21th century , the man who redefined the Pareto Principle in whole new way, the man that Prof Eagleton spoke about was Karl Marx.

When new day comes , arises new thoughts and strength. In these days with everything going so wrong , you have to wonder , Karl Marx was right. His thoughts which were expressed then , are rising out of his grave now. Mark’s key insight was Capitalism is inherently unstable , it will take us from crisis to crisis and society will turn out to be increasingly unequal. .. Although his theories are not widely accepted but some great economist and great leaders like America’s Ex President Obama are follower of Marxism.

Today we are getting bits of hints on the power of Capitalism . The bunch of guys sitting infront of the trading floor can turn the entire economy upside down , The world depends on economy, economy depends on the changes in the markets , these markets in turn depends on Capitalists , Marx said , it would the system which will be fundamentally flawed.as it is today.

As Marx predicted about the crisis between workers and bosses , it was about to climb the peak a decade ago, because of the decreasing wages. When Capitalism was about to break down. These Capitalists showed their actual power,with the help of banks they stabilised the crisis like giving cold water for the people stuck Sahara desert . Their solution was revolutionary Credit card, which made people spend even without saving money. Soon after this credit card the crisis came down when people started buying shares in the company and left bosses to earn for themselves.But this thing wont stop Corporates from getting their loot.

Interestingly Karl Marx even said that “there would be an end to Capitalism “, but forget to gave us an alternative , today modern economist says that it is impossible to change the capitalism which is the dominating the world and will dominate this century.

From cavemen to slaves , from slavery to Feudalism by kings and nobles , from feudalism to finally Capitalism which is incredibly unbalanced and increasingly productive. There seems no way ahead . But remember Krishna in Bhagavad Gita says “Every part of a wheel should go up and down “. I think there is an end to Capitalism and a new ideology of equality will take birth..

Thus Spoiled The RobinHood!

The value of information does not survive the moment in which it was new . It lives only at that moment it has to surrender to it completely and explain itself to it without losing any time . A story is different . It does not expend itself . It preserves and concentrates its strength and is capable of releasing it even after a long time..

It was the year 1890 in America , a Religious master was found promoting his religion in the fully filled auditorium , The sunlight from the window was slapping his face , his intense words were receiving goosebumps from the impressed audience . Suddenly , a voice broke out of audience saying “Can a man fly like birds in the sky?”. Pin drop silence conquered the space , and the master stared at the man with his sharp imitating eyes and said “If man was meant to fly , God would have given us wings..”

His words were quite real and most of the people agreed with the master, After 13 years, in December 1903 at a place called Kitty Hawk two brothers were found flying like a Albatross over the head , the incident which filled the pages of history. They were the Wilber Wright and Arvil Wright. The inspiring part here is that the Religious master who once told a man was not meant to fly was none other that the father of Wright brothers , Bishop Wright..

What does this story of Wright Brothers got to do with Robin Hood?

Bishop Wright while delivering his words to the public , never knew that his own Sons are going to falsify his belief, Similary the Poor people’s hero The RobinHood never dared to dream that his ideology of stealing from the rich and feeding the poor is one day going to punish the people he helped.

Thought by itself has no power. It is only your belief in a thought that gives life………

Its really hard to believe that the Heroic figure RobinHood , the one who fed the poor by stealing from the rich , is now feeding the Government by stealing from the poor and the middle class, in the name of TAX..

The Rich are Rich because they are clever…

Robert Kiyosaki

At one time America was anti tax and small amount of tax was collected only for war purpose. It had been the tax on tea that led to the famous Tea Party in Boston Harbour an incident that helped ignite revolutionary war . It took approx 50 years in both England and US to sell the idea of regular income tax.

The Interesting part is that all of these historical dates fails to reveal that all of these taxes were initially against only the rich. The problem was that the government’s appetite for money was so great that taxes soon needed to be imposed on middle class and from there it kept trickling down..

Just think practically, whenever or wherever you find a hike in price or increased taxes on commodity around , it barely affect the Rich people , the people who come to streets suffering are Poor and the middle class , because the Rich wont play by the same set of rules..

History and Fable show nothing is ever entirely lost. David can take Goliath. A beach in Normandy can turn the tide of war. Bravery can topple the powerful . These facts are often seen as exceptional , but they are not . Everyday we all become the balance of our choices – choices between love and fear, belief or despair. No hope is ever too small….