Engineering student found running out of interview.

If you are a student from India I want you to read this blog until the end and I want you to give special attention especially if you are a Legendary Engineering student.

India is a country from where many number of Geniuses are introduced to the world as someone well said that “Greatness can be expected only from the Great”.India is a great country. But, the time runs and as it flows it brings change at every fraction of second. The world is changing ,and you are in the same changing world and the one who has the ability to adjust to the changing environment has the better chance to lead the happy life because “Survival of the fittest still exists” and will be true until the earth is smashed into pieces .

This is a story of Akash(name changed) from a well recognized Engineering college at Indian silicon valley Bangalore, the startup hub of India. Akash was a decent looking, active and regular boy to college with good academic record right from his high school compared to most of his friends staying at hostel. He was from Computer Science department and was well recognized by all the teaching staff for his attentiveness and academics.

Now begins the problem, when it comes to reality actually the problem began with him right from his highschool, the problem was with his mindset . Just like every one of his friends at hostel who spent almost all of their precious free time watching useless web series and playing PUBG(the mobile and pc shooting game), he never wondered what is happening outside his campus(world), he was totally imprisoned inside the walls of internals,labs and assignments which he thought they are the only source of learning .

Final year came and it was the high time for the campus placements and as his grades were remarkable he thought of applying for a company with 10 lakhs per annum . He was whole heatedly allowed into aptitude and it went on well and when it came for interview he was in great confident and planned to surprise his parents with his great achievement by getting placed in his desired company.

The day of interview came and he went on in excitement wearing his neatly pressed suit and clean black shiny shoes. After his visit into the interviewer’s room the next scene which came on after 5 minutes was absolutely terrible. He came out crying and strongly grudging the interviewers as he was rejected by the company even though he had great score on his marks card because of his inexperience of working in a real project, and he was a weak team player and totally his complete ignorance towards the soft skills.

His whole dream was lost, he went on to worry about what his parents would think as they spent lots of their hard earned money. He felt ashamed to speak to his parents. From then on depression was a regular guest to his mind and hatred became his heart’s friend.

This is not just the story of Akash, its the story of millions of students who enters every year into Engineering colleges. The problems is that every students are not able to find their UNIQUE SELLING POINT which makes them really unique to be picked up by the company they choose.

If you are on the same phase with Akash its time for you to wake up, get up from your bed and work on things that makes you stronger not on those in which you are weak. Remember your greatest enemy is your best friend who shows you comfort instead of showing hardships which makes you grow.

I don’t know how many of my readers are moved by this article.But I am damn sure that most of the readers wont be having patience reading until this part of the blog. This blog is for those 1% of the students who strives for the change and growth.Instead of regretting after finishing your college, act now. I repeat act now.

Before moving on!!

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