Comeback home ! Story beyond the shot.

Home, the place where our emotions are found at a different rhythm. The Rhythm can be absorbed only by the DNA’s we inherited.

There was a city of rats under the ancient old tower. There was a king rule where the king Mr. Rat had a beautiful daughter. The king decided to get her daughter married to one of the most powerful men in the universe.

His first target was Mr. Sun, the brightest and strongest man in the universe. When he went towards the sun requesting to marry his daughter, Mr. Sun turned him down saying that he would lose all of his power if Mr. Cloud appears making him invisible. Mr. Rat was convinced and ran towards Mr. Cloud and asked if he would care to marry his daughter, the cloud cried and said I will be thrown away from a place to place if Mr. Air flies towards me. Disappointed Rat came rushing towards the air and begged him to marry him as he was his last hope. The air took Mr. Rat to an ancient old tower and said that he has been trying to bring him down, however, I hit he stands still. There was no way left for Mr. Rat other than asking Mr. Tower to marry his daughter. The tower said in pain, “Mr. Rat, I am about to fall down and the most powerful man I know is a Rat residing under me and biting me day by day, only he can destruct me into pieces.”


They are the workers at the plantations far away from the home. Summers drags them away from home and rains bring them back. The kid in the family belongs to one such family whose only chance of survival is Work hard at some landowners field for daily living. They get paid, but it’s too little to forget the comfort that a middle class enjoys. They get food, but it’s too less leading to convincing the tongue from its desire. They wear clothes, but it’s too little to fight against the cold that nature offers.

Its time they came back home after a long gap for months. The neighbours watch with a smile and greet with the intensity of the friendliness. As the quote says “Life’s greatest happiness is to be convinced that we are loved”.
The kid finds his friends building home out of the soil. His happiness is expanding at a rate with the speed of light. He is unaware that his parents went inside the home as he is lost in the world where they dream every bit to build a palace out of the soil. The soil is their soulmate which acts as a happiness inducer between all the odds. His father meets his friends which starts with a greeting and ends at infinity. He brings out all the speciality of the place he worked, the weather, the food, the markets, the temples, the people, etc, and he, in turn, can’t resist knowing about all the events from who got married from their gang to who died in their village. It’s the place of harmony, peace, and emotions.

Just like Mr. Rat who didn’t realize that the best member in the universe is the member of the same kind, the story of Comeback is for everyone who think they are lost. Their only place for happiness is HOME.
This story of Comeback home is not just for people who work outside. There are lakhs of refugees out there wandering in the land unknown exploring the things unknown between the unknown people.

This is for them…….

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