The Cycle of Happiness ! Story beyond the shot

We use words to Express ,but not everytime because there are some abstract feelings which are so close to heart that words fail to Express in the way that needs to be expressed. Every person on this earth has got a story to tell, but a person can have only one story about his worthy life which makes him unique .Here is a Picture to which my mobile camera shed its reflection .Its time for this picture to tell a Glorious story.


Charity. The only possible thing which can be emerged through the Kind Heart, the synonym of hope for those people who are unable to survive independently on this earth. Today there are lakhs of charities around the world and all of these charities have got one thing in comman that is the person or the community who fuels these charities make sure they save for themselves before giving away their hard earned assets.

Without intension a man won’t serve, if he does he is backed by those undeserved to live in the society-


I have not yet entered into the topic and I think I am dragging out my Charitable words out of my mind serving your eyes to introduce you to the Hero inside the Photo. His appearance brings hope and happiness . He represents peace and purity and he is the reflection of Selflessness ever found on earth

He is the CLOUD.

The clouds are on the way to give away all those savings done for months to the farmers , because they are clouds favourites.Whenever clouds become old with its intense grey colour , It means the time has come for them to bless the earthlings with the garland named Rain. All the homes under the sky emerged through the soil with the top shining with Orange red colour have set to take a wonderful shower and get the blessings for everlasting strength to protect the masters inside..

Among those masters there are some little masters hidden inside and are daringly curious to see the rain pour down the streets . The running time is about to witness these kids playing with extreme happiness under the natural shower.Not just the home and humans, even coconut tress waves with their leaves towards the sky with happiness welcoming the rain, I feel like they are the happiest members on earth. They keep on waving until the celebration ends and they entertain all those creatures who likes to join the moment of joy.

Clouds blesses the earth with Rain… Rain brings joy…. Joyness leads to wonderful health… As long as we are healthy we Prey……. These prayers are heard by clouds…

And hence the cycle repeats……

That’s my way to explain the picture at my best.. Its runs to infinity taking out the leads through the picture but I believe the Leads are those who gives value and respect to the art…

Thank You So Much…..

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