The Ginga Style : From the woods to the world cup

It was a bright sunny day, following his daily routine , he was cleaning toilets and sweeping floor in a public hospital , his face was throwing out his responsibilities , he was a family man ,friendly face and strong muscles and he was the man who held the record for scoring 5 goals in FIFA World Cup for Brazil.   Unfortunately The Karma didn’t just chase him away from success , but his whole community was Brazil’s target.

There comes his son Edson Arantes ,sad and filled with hunger and unable to watch his father work so cheaply. Noticing his son , his father took him to the orchard , plucked a fresh mango and threw towards him , to which he was ignorant , it took no longer for his father to realize that his hunger was not towards the food but towards the better tomorrow . 

But,something has happened in his life, to which he was really sad,filled with regret and anxiety..

Few days ago , he went with his mother where she worked as a servant in a elite’s home . There he saw some kids returning from the football ground making noise lifting up their material status, “I will be the world famous Goal Keeper ” screamed a boy with his glaring eyes. and one beside declared”I will be the stylish striker in the world.”. “I will be PELE ” came out a voice from behind the door . The kids started laughing as they noticed that he has misspelled BELEK as PELE and from then on, The world barely remembered his real name , to which he was not OK , while returning home he found a poster which went like this “Football tournament”,. Soon after this he and his friends made their way towards the tournament and found that these rich kids who teased him as PELE were their opponents in the Grand Finals. Rich kids were stiff with their branded shoes where these guys were found tying their shoes which were couple of inches larger their feet .They played and played but no goal was scored and suddenly a goal from rich kids devastated them , Pele threw his shoe away as it was irritating him and everyone of the team followed , taking advantage the situation the rich called them The Shoeless. The crowd went out from audience to roasters. Suddenly , silence broke out and everyone’s face filled with surprise as the ball from PELE’s leg went like a bullet into the net and GOALLLL!, on that moment hope sprouted out , confidence erupted and then the only visible thing to the audience was GOAL , GOAL and GOAL.. by PELE, Soon after the game people dispersed, PELE and his team were the champions beating the ruthless rich kids. The clouds gathered around indicating heavy rain show, these boys found some people were running towards them with anger , they were the local farmers who grew groundnut and these boys stole their produces only to buy those big shoes to play… It was chase like tom and Jerry , it was fun for the kids to being chased away but it ended in the presence of god of death who was on a tour at that place, a kid got stuck in the landslide and got killed, as it was region of mountains and valleys and rivers.

.PELE’s heart mind and soul was attached to football like the attachment between Mother and Son. His mother believed in education she didn’t wanted her son to be like his father cleaning toilets,saluting others and putting his head down.. As we say, parents are the only lives who are selfless towards their children . One day she saw him happy enjoying his moments with the game and she herself made him join a club far from home according to his wish. But deep down she hated the game , which has brought bad fate to their family.Finally day arrived for PELE to leave his home and live a footballer life.

Scolding were common and ruthless words came to be heard everytime he played in his own style , and turned down many times before he kicks the ball saying , change your style or stay away from football..Feeling low evertime when he went to express his style he decided to run away and reached railway station waiting for the train, instead of train he found , the manager of his football club was found arriving towards him. 

“I cant play like them , what’s wrong with my style” cried PELE,                             

Why is the coach ignoring my style, and trying to change me. 

The manager broke out

“It started in 16th century . Portuguese aquired Brazil , to capture African slaves , but African’s were strong and clever . Many escaped to jungle to protect themselves”They started practicing their self defence style called as the GINGA STYLE , the martial art of war. When slavery was abolished they came out of jungles only to find their enemies all around to continue their heritage and their culture that is THE GINGA STYLE ,they saw football as the perfect way to practice GINGA. It was the ultimate form of Ginga. Ginga adopted , evolved and went deep inside the hearts of Brazilian’s . When they took this game on field and lost 1950 world cup final . Ginga was blamed for the loss and from then people supporting the GINGA style are meant to be hated ” sighed the manager

Instead of catching train to home and forgetting football forever , Pele ran back to field and rarely looked back and from then on Each and Every kick from PELE’s leg is History . They won 1958 world cup with their own GINGA STYLE with its magic on the field .The only reason for their dynamic victory was their belief in themselves and their belief in THE GINGA style. 

PELE’s father once said “Doubt can turn a beautiful Ginga move into a Dangerous one” . His father was a footballer who got injured onfield and forgot his football journey from then on and forever.

Its the Ginga style which made PELE and team Brazil unique, So ,its time to hunt the uniqueness hidden in you, never copy others, You can try hard and be successful like PELE ,REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT PELE…

==> At 17, PELE remain the youngest player to score and win a World cup.

==>In 1961, Brazil’s president declared PELE as an official National Treasure.

==>Pele and his time went to win in 1962 and 1970 worldcups.

==>Pele is the only player in the history to win 3 worldcups and holds record for most goals with 1288 goals.

==>One record PELE never beat was heading 5 goals by his father”Dondinho do Nastimento”

==>PELE was named as Athletic of Century by International Olympics commission. Since 1958, World cup , Brazil’s Ginga style has became the most celebrated playing style.

So Finally, there are billions of organisms are found on earth as one of the the great poets says,”IF YOU ARE NOT PROUD OF YOURSELVES , DON’T WORRY YOU TOOK BIRTH AS A HUMAN ,WHO HAS A FAMILY AND OWN CULTURE. “

to know more about PELE click here

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