A Man with Millennial thoughts!

What do you think is the day after tomorrow’s day before yesterday? Of course its today. Uttered Prof Eagleton at one of his lecture in America’s most prestigious Oxford University. At the end of the lecture he came up with few words which made all the students to run towards the pages of history and Iphone Siri and Google Assistant were in good demand .. Professor said “Finally , that saint with big beard was right about our future..!”

One of the most exciting and energetic forms of thought is the question . It illuminates new landscapes and new areas as it moves . Therefore the question always assumes that there are many different dimensions .


It was the year 1896, the year in which the new era of economics took its birth. It was the year a Italian economist came out a revolutionary theory which defined the ins and outs of the world. It was known as The Pareto Principle.The economist was Vilfredo Pareto.. The Pareto Principle says that “80 percent of the effect comes from the 20 percent of the cause”. As it was said “There are solutions because of problems”, In Italy Vilfredo Pareto saw that 80% of the wealth in the country was found with 20% of the nobles..Thid gave birth to the Pareto principle also called as 80/20 principle..

Well, the students at Oxford who went on search of history books were not actually looking out for Vilfredo Pareto , those students knew Pareto earlier. About whom were they looking for? Why were they so curious about him?

By 2010 ,50% of global wealth was found among 300 corporate men , by 2016 this wealth was acquired by 62 corporate men and now it is among 8 billionaires . The number of men which can fill a car have filled their bank account with 50% of total wealth of the world.. They are called as Capitalists and their rule is called as Capitalism. In this world owned by Capitalist . He was the man who warned about these Capitalists , he was the man who fought for Communists , the man whose predictions which were done on 20th century are coming out like sprouts in 21th century , the man who redefined the Pareto Principle in whole new way, the man that Prof Eagleton spoke about was Karl Marx.

When new day comes , arises new thoughts and strength. In these days with everything going so wrong , you have to wonder , Karl Marx was right. His thoughts which were expressed then , are rising out of his grave now. Mark’s key insight was Capitalism is inherently unstable , it will take us from crisis to crisis and society will turn out to be increasingly unequal. .. Although his theories are not widely accepted but some great economist and great leaders like America’s Ex President Obama are follower of Marxism.

Today we are getting bits of hints on the power of Capitalism . The bunch of guys sitting infront of the trading floor can turn the entire economy upside down , The world depends on economy, economy depends on the changes in the markets , these markets in turn depends on Capitalists , Marx said , it would the system which will be fundamentally flawed.as it is today.

As Marx predicted about the crisis between workers and bosses , it was about to climb the peak a decade ago, because of the decreasing wages. When Capitalism was about to break down. These Capitalists showed their actual power,with the help of banks they stabilised the crisis like giving cold water for the people stuck Sahara desert . Their solution was revolutionary Credit card, which made people spend even without saving money. Soon after this credit card the crisis came down when people started buying shares in the company and left bosses to earn for themselves.But this thing wont stop Corporates from getting their loot.

Interestingly Karl Marx even said that “there would be an end to Capitalism “, but forget to gave us an alternative , today modern economist says that it is impossible to change the capitalism which is the dominating the world and will dominate this century.

From cavemen to slaves , from slavery to Feudalism by kings and nobles , from feudalism to finally Capitalism which is incredibly unbalanced and increasingly productive. There seems no way ahead . But remember Krishna in Bhagavad Gita says “Every part of a wheel should go up and down “. I think there is an end to Capitalism and a new ideology of equality will take birth..

6 thoughts on “A Man with Millennial thoughts!”

  1. Thank you for visiting me at kmorrispoet.com and commenting on my poem “Karl Marx Discussed Factors of Production with His Maid”. You talk about equality. I would be interested to know what, exactly you mean by equality? Do you mean that everyone would have precisely the same resources made available to them, for example everyone should live in the same kind of housing to avoid inequality in the provision of housing? How would one ensure that the persons enforcing the equal distribution of resources where, themselves equal and did not abuse their position of power. George Orwell, a Socialist famously depicted Communism in “Animal Farm”. In the novel the animals take over the farm (animals equals workers/the proletariat) and chase away the farm owner (the Capitalist). However, over time the pigs become the dominant group and accrue more and more power to themselves so, in the end “Animal Farm” is far from being an equal place. Best wishes – Kevin


    1. Wow, its really great to hear about equality , which actully means freedom and liberty at the workplace, The animals in the farm cant just get work day and night without proper food right , that’s what most of the Capitalist are upto…
      In Japan people are not getting proper sleep , stress and anxiety is skyrocketing around the world people are leaving jobs because of their boss pressurising employees in the way he wanted..
      That’s not at all in the name of pensions and bonus sometimes the workers are fogetting their family..
      Just like the Survival of the fittest these bosses are fighting each sitting on the horse carriage pulled by hungry workers…
      The world has turnes out to be profit driven, I think it should be Value driven…Thats all..


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