Becoming : Not the Michelle Obama thing.

It was a happy day for Mr Edwin Land’s family, as it was their family function . Mr Land had a 3-year old daughter. She was cute , studious
and insanely curious . It was a happy moment for everyone , it was the moment worth capturing and to be remembered forever. Mr Land was taking photos of his cute daughter ,and remember it was the time when camera’s were really rare unlike today camera opens it’s eye before ambulance screams during a road accident.

During that happy time , the family member’s had no idea that that moment was about to create a revolution in technology.
When Mr Land took his daughter’s photo , she asked her father to show the pic , he refused saying it would take too
long to bring out the print as there were no digital camera. She cried and cried and cried in such a way that the family
function was about to turn into Mr Land’s funeral. That day became the Becoming of Mr Land as he committed to bring out a camera for his daughter that will print photos at the spot of shot. Thus the world was introduced with Polaroid camera in 1947

I am damn sure that most of the reader’s wont get to know about the title
unless they are a book freak.
Title’s are like ghosts haunting your mind before entering the house called content and conclusion called death.
Becoming is a book written by Michelle Obama , Barak Obama’s wife. What’s in the book doesn’t relate to my words
because the Becoming in her book says about those crucial things a woman experiences in her life, but the becoming which you’ll read further in such a hurry that you wont understand anything is about present scenario you would love to read and I am sure about it .

Months ago a famous Indian actress was stuck and came out as becoming, everywhere it was her , edited under different posture , frame colour compared with infinite number of imaginable tangible and intangible things in and out of the universe . Its really confusing to speaking further.
let me get straight to it. ITs none other than ——————————-Becoming of a meme material—————————–…..
These memes will be so illogical like the french fries were actually cooked in Greece first. And sometimes so logical that its meaning can make us aware of the formula that Einstein have failed remembering

What do you think , the reason for all the meme’s being created today by some crazy , unemployed ,and creative youth is not
just the awkward expression or sarcastic gesture a celebrity makes instead there are 3 immutable triggering laws in the nature.
they are 1. Stupidity 2. selfishness 3. Horniness
These are the three things that never change , no matter what else does . People don’t change their basic nature , they just
accumulate more stuff upon which they can apply their stupidity , selfishness and horniness.

Everything in the social media is a unexpected thing , sometime it can make a irresponsible man holding a board requesting the local government to clean the roads filled with waste from his own home into a famous celebrity and it can even take the shit out of a social worker who went on to stop firecrackers from polluting and end up being called as someone sent by demons to stop humans from celebrating god’s existence.

Adam’s rule of unexpected says . something unexpected always happens to wreck any good trend.
Here’s an example They said Internet is the thing which is made to benefit the humanity ,but today more than 50% of the thing in internet is pornography.This unexpected thing turned the whole notion of better earth to stay safe on earth.

Even you can be a meme material today , the trick to be is just rely your mind on doing unexpected things ,then there are many
eyes watching these dangerous moves and as soon as they get the hints the next thing is BOOM! over the internet.
It was JCB few days ago in India , which went under the hashtag #JCBkikhudai .It went so famous that made JCBIndia company
came out to extend their support for the act and JCB was named as national crush of india.. It was an overnight success for it
The unexpected thing that happened for JCB riding overnight is a speech by a MP in INDIA , he says .
The unemployment in India is up to to such a extent that people will be present around when a JCB is found digging the land..

I don’t know who the hell gave birth to these memes . Oh! Sorry , here it is

The word meme was coined by Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene as an attempt to explain the way cultural information spreads; the concept of the Internet meme was first proposed by Mike Godwin in the June 1993 issue of Wired .

That’s enough I guess , and I really confused weather to salute these legends or to complain them , but one thing for sure , If meme’s are made to to bring out the better out of society , no movie produced by crores of money can be effective.

Here’s an interesting thing , these meme maker’s including and so called troller’s are being hired by large corporations for their marketing. So now its turned out to be a best way to attract costumers. Meme maker’s now have found out hope in their life.

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