Thus Spoiled The RobinHood!

The value of information does not survive the moment in which it was new . It lives only at that moment it has to surrender to it completely and explain itself to it without losing any time . A story is different . It does not expend itself . It preserves and concentrates its strength and is capable of releasing it even after a long time..

It was the year 1890 in America , a Religious master was found promoting his religion in the fully filled auditorium , The sunlight from the window was slapping his face , his intense words were receiving goosebumps from the impressed audience . Suddenly , a voice broke out of audience saying “Can a man fly like birds in the sky?”. Pin drop silence conquered the space , and the master stared at the man with his sharp imitating eyes and said “If man was meant to fly , God would have given us wings..”

His words were quite real and most of the people agreed with the master, After 13 years, in December 1903 at a place called Kitty Hawk two brothers were found flying like a Albatross over the head , the incident which filled the pages of history. They were the Wilber Wright and Arvil Wright. The inspiring part here is that the Religious master who once told a man was not meant to fly was none other that the father of Wright brothers , Bishop Wright..

What does this story of Wright Brothers got to do with Robin Hood?

Bishop Wright while delivering his words to the public , never knew that his own Sons are going to falsify his belief, Similary the Poor people’s hero The RobinHood never dared to dream that his ideology of stealing from the rich and feeding the poor is one day going to punish the people he helped.

Thought by itself has no power. It is only your belief in a thought that gives life………

Its really hard to believe that the Heroic figure RobinHood , the one who fed the poor by stealing from the rich , is now feeding the Government by stealing from the poor and the middle class, in the name of TAX..

The Rich are Rich because they are clever…

Robert Kiyosaki

At one time America was anti tax and small amount of tax was collected only for war purpose. It had been the tax on tea that led to the famous Tea Party in Boston Harbour an incident that helped ignite revolutionary war . It took approx 50 years in both England and US to sell the idea of regular income tax.

The Interesting part is that all of these historical dates fails to reveal that all of these taxes were initially against only the rich. The problem was that the government’s appetite for money was so great that taxes soon needed to be imposed on middle class and from there it kept trickling down..

Just think practically, whenever or wherever you find a hike in price or increased taxes on commodity around , it barely affect the Rich people , the people who come to streets suffering are Poor and the middle class , because the Rich wont play by the same set of rules..

History and Fable show nothing is ever entirely lost. David can take Goliath. A beach in Normandy can turn the tide of war. Bravery can topple the powerful . These facts are often seen as exceptional , but they are not . Everyday we all become the balance of our choices – choices between love and fear, belief or despair. No hope is ever too small….

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